2012 10th Annual International Shea Butter Convention

2012 10th Annual International Shea Butter Convention

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 October 24-26,2013


Westin Hartsfield Jackson Ampitheater

4736 Best Road  Atlanta, GA 30337

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This year’s convention is opened to all interested in the global Shea Butter community.This event will bring together the diverse stakeholders within the Shea Industry, with the goal of sharing best practices, and developing new partnerships to advance shea commerce and technology.

The International Shea Butter Convention (ISBC) is a platform dedicated to developing the shea industry in the United States and Internationally and to the empowerment of a shea based economic engine to  fuel a viable and sustainable Sub Sahara Africa. The shea butter convention is the industry’s longest running international convention of its kind and is proven and established incubator for developing and facilitating USA-Sahel Africa business relationships.

Over the years, ISBC has become the unparalleled forum for bringing the world of shea butter and the various aspects of the shea industry into a single venue and weekend.Your support is vital to the continued good financial health of the sector.   Your participation in this years Convention will help you gather fresh insights and ideas, grow your circle of professional contacts and expand your horizons of what is possible now and in the future of the industry.


  • 3 Days of Business and Educational seminars devoted entirely to the industry of Shea Butter
  • Become a Certified Shea Butter Technician by attending Dr. Hunter’s One-Day Comprehensive Workshop on Shea Butter
  • Get a Free Copy of the 2012 Edition of the Shea Butter Handbook
  • Learn what’s New, and See What’s Hot in Shea Butter
  • Learn about International Standards and what is the difference in Grades A,B,C,D,F
  • Learn why the International Standards for unrefined Shea butter destined for the personal care industry is more demanding than International Standards for unrefined Shea butter destined for the chocolate industry
  • Learn how Sub Sahara Africa can attract investment into the Shea producing regions, including foreign and direct investment
  • Learn what every buyer must know before purchasing Shea butter and how to determine the grade quality before purchasing of Shea butter
  • Enjoy the rare opportunity to have experts answer all of your questions about Shea butter
  • Learn what attractive incentives SSA countries are providing to increase Shea production and exports
  • Learn how you can participate with the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) to increase your exports
  • Learn Recent and New developments in Shea extraction techniques
  • Participate in the discussion about whether or not Shea Butter should be allowed in chocolate in America.
  • Learn the facts about the future of Shea in America
  • Enjoy the rare opportunity to meet face to face with producers and importers
  • Enjoy the rare opportunity to network with a large number of others in the industry
  • Learn what’s needed to start your own home based Shea butter business
  • Learn how to formulate your own product ideas with formulation experts
  • Enjoy the rare opportunity to discuss your products with national retailers and distributors
  • Take advantage of the opportunity to identify business development capital and business working capital for your own business
  • Use the exhibition area to get your message out across the industry



  • Manufacturers
  • Shea Butter Importers/Exporters
  • Distributors of Personal Care Products
  • Retailers of Personal Care Products
  • Manufacturers of Personal Care Products
  • Shea butter Distributor and Brokers
  • Cosmetologist
  • Cosmetic Formulators
  • Contract Packagers
  • International Courier Services
  • Vegetable Oil Scientist
  • Freight Forwarders
  • Custom Brokers
  • Air Cargo/Freight
  • Media Agents
  • Government Agents
  • NGO Agents

Hosted By:

The American Shea Butter Institute is a bio-tech institute dedicated to the improvement of human health and wellbeing through basic and applied scientific research.  ASBI has become internationally recognized as a leader in the innovation and advancement of Shea Butter ingredients and/or derivatives of its ingredients in the development of new commercial uses and products.

The Institute provides consumer and industry education on Shea Butter; establishes voluntary standards on the quality of Shea Butter entering the USA and promotes the benefits of Shea Butter in various US industries.  ASBI’s full range of services are designed to stimulate the global shea butter value chain, drive discoveries that raise the awareness of Shea Butter as a commodity and enrich trading opportunities for Sub Sahara Africa.