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rays of light on the background of nature symbol of knowledge Training and EducationASBI offers extensive training and technical assistance in all areas of the shea butter value chain including, but not limited to; production, post-production and marketing activities. ASBI training tools, curriculums and hands-on technical assistance help promote successful fruit, nuts, kernels, and shea butter production in Sub-Sahara Africa and help to ensure premium prices for premium products in the global market place.

The purpose of ASBI Training  is to provide a dynamic platform for education and collaboration.  ASBI is the leading global training organization with in the shea industry, and since our founding in 2002, we have been at the forefront working with industry participants to create high quality production techniques, packaging, and quality standards for shea butter products that are environmentally sustainable and cost efficient to produce.

The value of ASBI credentials is recognized by both individuals and organizations. And ASBI makes the credential application process as smooth as possible, offering you the option to apply online or via mail. 

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 ASBI offers specific certification for practitioners with varying levels of experience.  

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ASBI Post Extraction Management Certified Specialist

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ASBI Certified Shea Technician

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ASBI Custom Formulation Certified Specialist