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Welcome to ASBI buyer referral program.

ASBI Buyer Referral ProgramYou have been selected to apply for admission to the buyer referral program. This program is designed to assist buyers in the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries connect with reliable African processors and distributors of high quality shea butter. Sellers must submit all information requested below for consideration.

Company Profile
Name and location of African Processor
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If No. go to the link below to get directives on how to submit samples to ASBI for quality grade analysis;
Month-Day-Year Format
Our client base relies exclusively on us to refer direct them to high quality shea butter providers, it is critical for us to maintain an up-to-date source on the availability of grades-A, B, and C. To that end, we require those in the referral program to submit, no later than the 10th day of each month, an update on the amount of shea butter available for sell in their warehouse. Failure to provide warehouse volume updates as required will result in temporary deletion up to disqualification of the company from the referral program. Once dismissed from the program, the opportunity for re-instatement may not be available.
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Provide the Freight Forwarder contact information
One of your references must be a client who has purchased shea butter from you in the past 3 years. If you do not have business references, you will need to send us a letter explaining your situation and how you plan to change your situation to become a more active in the shea industry.
By completing the information above, you authorize ASBI or its assign to validate the provided information and contact one or more of the above listed persons or entities for a business reference and related information. Return your reply to and