Consult ASBI for assistance in any of the following consultation topics

Shea Processing and Manufacturing Consultation

                • Shea butter processing equipment shea butter
                • Design and develop  shea butter processing facility
                • Certified Premium grade a shea butter protocols
                • Optimal warehousing of shea butter
                • Optimal global shipping conditions 
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Shea based Cosmetic and Personal Care Product Development

                • Value added shea butter (personal care products)
                • Shea butter cosmetic formulations
                • Packaging and re-packaging
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Shea product and related product New Uses Consultations

              • Industrial uses of Value added shea butter
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Shea Product Certification

                • Gain marketing advantage by demonstrating the quality of your products using the ASBI Mark.
                • Assure consumer safety by using external expert cont
                • aminant testing.
                • Confirm international quality acceptance by verifying your manufacturing consistency and accuracy.
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Global shea butter and Import/Export of Shea from SSA

                • Source shea butter direct from Africa Minimum amt. = ten tons
                • Source shea butter within US Minimum amt. = one ton
                • Contact info  for  one or more African shea butter producers
                • Shea butter market destinations including USA,  Mexico, Canada, Brazil, UK, Australia, and China
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Training and Education Consultation

                • Group training for shea butter sales  and marketing team, minimum  size = 5
                • Training /Education on Grade Determination
                • Training /Education on how to improve quality of shea butter
                • Training /Education or custom consultation for groups
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